The Truth About Shoppingcarts

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Monday, May 08, 2006

Truth from The Beginning

Hi Everybody!

Welcome to my first ever blog, YEAH!!

My name is Judy Turner and I own a Complete Merchant Shopping Cart, Affiliate Program, Email Management, Membership Software, Product Management, Autoresponders Product!
It can be found on the net at www.

Whew! OK, that truth is out there and out of the way. Yes, I want to sell my product just like anyone who has ever created one but, that is not entirely what this blog is about. (just keep reading)

Here is my new concept and remember you heard it here first! I welcome your emails about my software to compare it with ANYONE else's shoppingcart software (no matter how big) out on the net! I will answer your questions to your satisfaction, or mine!

The reason I'm getting this out in the open now is so that if any of you don't want to continue reading my blog because I own a killer software script hey, that's fine. All I can say to all of you is "Doncha' wish your softare was hot like mine, doncha'.

I have been in business on the internet since 1998 and believe me, I know a thing or two about shopping carts. That's why I developed my own software with my business partner Kathy Marshall.

There are soo many software products out there that you "have to have" to create an online business presence it is unreal! What is even worse is the cost of each of them. Getting them to mesh together (unless you are a programmer) and work is virtually impossible. Your only other choice is you HAVE to buy from the online shoppingcart GuRU gOD's and they make you pay dearly and monthly.

Every day we will at least briefly discuss in some part how shoppingcart's function or; how they should in your opinion. Send me your emails, let me know what you think, what do you want to see.

That is what we will examine in tomorrow post:
How Much Am I Paying Per Month For My Shopping Cart?

Until then,
Judy Turner